The Game

The Machines

DARTSLIVE2 Darts Machine

DARTSLIVE2 is the second generation revolutionary darts machine. It works in sync with a DARTSLIVE CARD to give players the benefits of personalising player profiles by storing performance and play data.

Installed with the technology of CCD camera and online capabilities, players can also challenge distant opponents via GLOBAL MATCH, watching their every move in real-time interaction.

The machines themselves are modern wonders – big cabinets like arcade machines, with sound, screens to display scores and instructions, webcam to watch players play and multiple game modes catering for all levels of darting from a social beginner to serious pro.

Benefits from signing up a DARTLIVE CARD…

  • Check your results and records anytime on your PC/mac;
  • Free apps available for smart phones and tablets;
  • Compete in real time with other players;
  • Customise player profile, collect DARTSLIVE themes and change DARTLIVE movies;
  • Exchange information with your friends on the website or smart phone;
  • And plenty more fun stuff to explore…


This little funky machine packs with plenty of fun puzzles, colourful games and sound effects which adds more to the gaming experience of DARTSLIVE2 darts machine. Using the DARTSLIVE CARD to play, players can add more performance and play data from playing the touch screen games.

TouchLive Fun Facts…

  • Check your personal TouchLive data on the spot;
  • Points earned are redeemable for gifts*;
  • More than 20 exclusive touch screen games;
  • Customise your player profiles and DARTSLIVE themes/awards;
  • Register your DARTSLIVE CARD;
  • Plus lots more!

* Points earned (in the form of BANANAS) from TouchLive games can be used to redeem themes (wallpapers) and award movies (animations). The combination of DARTSLIVE2 and TouchLive creates a holistic gaming experiences for everyone.

Please note: Registration of DARTSLIVE CARD is required before viewing and customising the DARTSLIVE CARD page.